On this page you will find a list of boats for sale in NA. If you’d like to post your boat here, contact us

Boat: CAN 2084
Build: Ovington
Location: Vancouver
Contact: Ryan Wood (
Great starter boat for young teams! Sold as hull only package. Hull and bulkhead on port side have been repaired professionally by Roberts Composites. Pictures of repair are available upon request. Includes alloy trolley, top cover, wing bags, boat breaker. Extras available, incl 49er mast (CST or SS),  sails (North, Pryde), Alu trailer ($2,000).
Asking $10,000 CAD

Boat: USA 1170
Build: Ovington
Location: Las Vegas
Contact: Lewis Allen (
Good condition, 2 sets of sails, trailer, dolly, many extras. Best offers accepted .
Asking $7,500 USD w/ aluminum trailer.

Boat: CAN 1883 
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal
Contact: Cameron Baird | or (438) 884-5567
If you’re looking to jump into the 49er or FX this is the perfect hull for you. Sailed competitively in North America from 2019 until early 2022 this is a watertight and well maintained boat from a good batch of Mackay hulls. The boat was only sailed in 2022 at Worlds and has not been used since. It has always been stored indoors or down south in the winter and comes with plenty of kit to get you going. Can be sold as a 49er, FX, or just a hull with plenty of gear. Boat is located in Montreal and delivery can be arranged upon request.
Asking price: $15,000 CAD  

Boat: CAN 2008
Build: Mackay
Location: Victoria
Contact: Dylan Jones (
Good starter package for new team. Mackay 49er hull only package including foils with cover,  boat breaker, top cover, 4 tillers. Option for mast and sails available.
Asking $16,000 CAD

Boat: CAN 1222
Build: Ovington
Location: Ottawa, ON
Contact: Rebecca Heller (
FX with Southern Spars mast. Comes with two sets of <2020 sails (2mains, 2jibs, 2spins) and covers (travel and normal). Also comes with the boards with board bags and a steel dolly. Was just newly gripped and rigged.
Asking $8000 CAD

Boat: CAN 1468
Build: Mackay
Contact: Mike Lynch (
Well-maintained fixed-wing boat, perfect for starting out. The boat comes with full inventory including two mains, three jibs, two spinnakers, a spare sprit pole, extra tiller extensions, and other spares including blocks, and rigging. The boat comes with two sets of foils, one in good condition, and the second set requiring refinishing. The boat is dry, and there are no structural issues or damage. Ready to be sailed. The boat has top and bottom covers and an aluminum dolly. The boat is available with an aluminum trailer that can transport one 49er + one 29er and masts. The boat has been stored indoors and properly winterized. Located in Collingwood but can easily be brought to Toronto for viewing.
Asking $15,000 CAD

Boat: CAN 1463
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal, Quebec
Contact: Nathan Duffar-Calder (, 4388318807)
Great boat to enter the class in. The boat was temporary used for an olympic campaign for Rio 2016, then was only used again later in 2018 by high performance sailors until the end of 2022. It has never taken on any water and keep tension properly. It comes with at 49er rig (2020 mast and sails) and 49er FX rig, (2018 mast and 2 sets of training sails). Furthermore, the boat comes with two sets of blades, an aluminium dolly, a rigged cover, bottom cover and a mast cover. The boat is ready to be sailed and has a bunch of line addition to increase performance. If interested, a trailer with a box that can fit two 49ers or 29ers can be included for a different price.
Asking: $18,000 CAD

Boat: CAN 1749
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal
Contact: Sophie Vinet (
Complete 49erFX setup, fixed wings. Always stored indoors. Comes with: 1 SS Mast, 2 mains, 3 jibs, 2 kites, 6 carbon tillers, boards, top cover, and alu trolley.
Asking $18,000 CAD

Boat:  CAN 730
Build: Mackay
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Contact: Chad Goodall (
This boat was manufactured in 2002 (hull NZ 02/02 730) but has been well maintained and is in very good condition.  It has been carefully stored and very lightly used for the past 10 years.  It comes with a spinnaker and two sets of sails, one practice and one race set.  It also includes a launching dolly, a foils bag, 2 sail bags, a rigged cover, mast cover, boat breaker and various spare lines and parts.
Asking:  $7,500 CAD

Boat: CAN 647
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal
Contact: Trevor Parekh (
2001 built Mackay, sliding style wings. Boat is being sold without mast / sails, boom. Includes dolly, foils, top cover,  bowsprit. Trailer optional. Option for 49er rig/sails.
Asking $500 CAD
Boat: CAN 921
Build: Ovington
Location: Vancouver
Contact: Andrew Verhoeven (
2006 Ovi, won the worlds in 2007, new style carbon rig, dolly, boat breaker, wings in/out top cover, blade bag. Dry, lightly used last 10 years.
Asking $7,500 CAD
Boat: CAN 1269
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal
Contact: Sophie Vinet (
Complete 49erFX setup, good for beginner teams. Comes with top cover and alu trolley.
Asking $14,500 CAD