On this page you will find a list of boats for sale in NA. If you’d like to post your boat here, contact us

Boat:  CAN 730
Build: Mackay
Location: Winnipeg, Manitoba
Contact: Chad Goodall (
This boat was manufactured in 2002 (hull NZ 02/02 730) but has been well maintained and is in very good condition.  It has been carefully stored and very lightly used for the past 10 years.  It comes with a spinnaker and two sets of sails, one practice and one race set.  It also includes a launching dolly, a foils bag, 2 sail bags, a rigged cover, mast cover, boat breaker and various spare lines and parts.
Asking:  $7,500 CAD

Boat: CAN 1203
Build: Ovington
Location: Vancouver, BC
Contact: Zelda Ladefoged ( or 2368783889)
Great complete beginner/trainer 49erFX set up. Lightly used. Comes with a full range of sails (contact for more details), dolly, foils, top cover (new 2020), bottom cover, boat breaker and spare lines.
Asking $9,500CAD 

Boat: CAN 647
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal
Contact: Trevor Parekh (
2001 built Mackay, sliding style wings. Boat is being sold without mast / sails, boom. Includes dolly, foils, top cover,  bowsprit. Trailer optional. Option for 49er rig/sails.
Asking $1,000 CAD
Boat: CAN 921
Build: Ovington
Location: Vancouver
Contact: Andrew Verhoeven (
2006 Ovi, won the worlds in 2007, new style carbon rig, dolly, boat breaker, wings in/out top cover, blade bag. Dry, lightly used last 10 years.
Asking $7,500 CAD
Boat: CAN 1269
Build: Mackay
Location: Montreal
Contact: Sophie Vinet (
Complete 49erFX setup, good for beginner teams. Comes with top cover and alu trolley.
Asking $14,500 CAD

Boat: USA 1202
Build: Ovington
Location: Newport Beach, Ca
Contact: Tyler Macdonald (
Built in 2010, Fixed wings. Always stored indoors when not being sailed. Lightly sailed during one Winter and Summer only.
Comes with 1 Mast, 2 mains, 4 jibs, 3 kites, 2 carbon tillers, boards& bag, top cover, and non-padded mast cover. Comes with Tool box with tons of spare lines and blocks.
Asking $18,000 USD. Additional gear for sale: New Mast (Never Used); 1 new set of sails used 4 days; 4 New CST tiller extensions.